stay [1] VERB 1) remain in the same place. 2) remain in a specified state or position. 3) live somewhere temporarily as a visitor or guest. 4) Scottish & S. African live permanently. 5) stop, delay, or prevent. 6) literary support or prop up.
NOUN 1) a period of staying somewhere. 2) a suspension or postponement of judicial proceedings: a stay of execution. 3) a device used as a brace or support. 4) (stays) historical a corset made of two pieces laced together and stiffened by strips of whalebone.
stay the course (or distance) — Cf. ↑stay the distance
stay on — Cf. stay on
stay over — Cf. ↑stay over
stay put — Cf. ↑stay put
stay up — Cf. ↑stay up
stay with — Cf. ↑stay with
DERIVATIVES stayer noun.
ORIGIN Old French ester, from Latin stare 'to stand' .
stay [2] NOUN 1) a large rope, wire, or rod used to support a ship's mast or other upright pole. 2) a supporting wire or cable on an aircraft.
VERB secure or steady with a stay.
ORIGIN Old English.

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